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Property Owners& Suppliers – FAQs

  1. What is the Deal A Trip website?
  2. How do we List A Property?
  3. What is our responsibility?
  4. What will Registration with Deal A Trip include?
  5. What checks will Deal A Trip carry out on a property?
  6. How are the Arrival Instructions and Security Deposit handled?
  7. How are bookings processed in respect of Property availability?
  8. How are booking requests processed?
  9. What fee is payable to Deal A Trip?
  10. How do owners get paid for bookings?
  11. Can we promote Special Offers?
  12. What happens in the event of a cancellation?
  13. Can we leave everything to you?
  14. Do we need to have our own booking conditions
  15. Can we specify a set arrival day?
  16. We have a suggestion?

  1. What is the Deal A Trip website? A combination of two primary objectives being merged together on a global marketing plan: For customers a smart search facility to find the exact type of rental property with the dynamic features they want from their Holiday Rental. For property owners a comprehensive online bookable website with a marketing solution to get bookings and revenue.  Holiday Rental properties each have their own unique features which can make a big difference to the individual customer and our Advance Search will successfully match the two together.

  2. How do we List A Property? First please complete and submit the registration form which will set you up with your own property admin area. Add your property details – there are easy defined steps to follow including a preview page so you can see how your web page is developing as you progress. Most of the input is a series of questions and answers, with the key dynamic features stored into our database for the customer smart search. The result is a property that is well presented to customers in a standard cohesive format that looks neat and professional. The most important aspect is to keep the availability calendar up to date and to enter rates as far ahead as you can.

  3. What is your responsibility? Pretty obvious really! Ensure that the property is well maintained and thoroughly cleaned between each rental and regularly checked to ensure that all the equipment is in good working order – a good management company should do this automatically (We will probably know them anyway).  There needs to be a responsible person who is on hand and nearby to ensure that any problems that do occur can be quickly rectified and of course that will be any good property management agent.

  4. What will be included with our Registration? Your own private administration section which you will be able to access online from anywhere at any time, including: Welcome page with general information about your administration area and any latest updates from us. Access to your registration details to amend or update any of your information. A property portfolio page showing a list of the properties that you have uploaded to the website. A Link to add a new property to the website – there is no limit to the number of properties. A Link to edit an existing property, including updating the availability calendar and rental rates. A pre-set selection of Special Offers for discounts to encourage late availability, longer stay or early bird bookings and Free Night Offers. Help information about operating within your administration area. Contact Form for you to send us a message by e-mail.

  5. What checks will Deal A Trip carry out on a Property? Rather depends on what we already know. We do know many of the management companies and many of the properties. We will carry out whatever checks we consider necessary to check the validity of a rental property and the description given to it; we may do a drive-by viewing or a property inspection through the local agents or person responsible for looking after the property. Your visitors will have high expectations of their Holiday Rental, having planned and talked about it among themselves and their friends and family; it is important to us that the property lives up to these expectations. Most visitors will also have undertaken a long journey to the property, so the last thing they need at this time of high excitement is any form of disappointment, and excuses from the local agent are entirely unacceptable. First impressions make all the difference and what is nicer than a happy customer - we are sure you will agree.

  6. How are the Arrival Instructions and Security Deposit handled? You provide us with the arrival instructions together with directions and local maps to the property during the property upload process, or this can be added later. We will pass these details onto to the customer when the rental has been fully paid for. These instructions will likely include the security deposit requirements through the property management agent. We have our own security indemnity form which you are welcome to use - in this case the customer will be asked to complete the form providing us with credit cards details and authority to charge the same in the event of any damages, spillages, unauthorised charges, etc.  In the event of a claim we will collect the funds and pass onto to you. NB: We regret that we cannot get involved in collecting money to be held in respect of this security aspect. All customers will receive a Holiday Rental fact sheet from us, providing them with general information guidelines whilst in ‘residence’. On Check-Out renters will be advised to leave the property as they found it, save only for reasonable departure cleaning requirements.

  7. How are bookings processed in respect of Property Availability? If you opt to keep the property availability calendar up to date then when a customer requests a booking we assume that the date is available.  However we reserve the right on behalf of property owners that each booking request is subject to approval and acceptance - we do understand that there will be occasions when the requested booking is not for a suitable arrival date and/or length of stay. What Deal A Trip do not want is situations whereby the calendar is not kept up to date – if this is a problem then we are willing to do this work for you.  The alternative option is to default the property calendar to On Request - in which case both the customer and Deal A Trip is aware that availability requires a request to the owner.

  8. How are booking requests processed?  When a booking is requested Deal A Trip will forward an email to the owner showing the relevant customer details and ask for a booking confirmation. The owner replies by either accepting or declining the booking. In accepting the booking it is on the understanding that Deal A Trip will immediately issue a customer confirmation.  This process assumes that the owner has control over the reservations as from this point on bookings must be honoured without recall for any reason whatsoever, excepting only force majeure events.

  9. What reward fee is payable to Deal a Trip?  All rates on the website are to be Gross and Inclusive of Tax and any departure cleaning fee. Deal A Trip will deduct a reasonable fee and this will be confirmed in the property owner confirmation email. If for any reason whatsoever the property owner feels the fee is not acceptable then there is no need to proceed any further.

  10. How do owners get paid for bookings? The full payment for a booking, less commission, is remitted to the owner one month prior to the renters arrival date, or if it is a booking within a month of arrival then within 7 days of the booking being made.

  11. Can we promote Special Offers? Yes, there is a selection of pre-set Special Offers with promotional codes for the customer to use at Check-out. You can also add Property Extras. Full details are on the Rental Rates upload step.  Special offers will immediately appear in the search results property panels, and be listed on our Special Offers page - up and running on the website in minutes.

  12. What happens in the event of a cancellation?  Cancellations are actually few and far between. There is an automatic policy in our booking conditions which we have built in to protect property owners. Deposit payments are 20% of the total rental cost and are non-refundable in the event of cancellation. Cancellations between 43 and 56 days (6 – 8 weeks) have a 50% cancellation charge. Cancellations 42 days (6 weeks) or less before arrival date have a 100% cancellation charges. All customers are advised that they should have fully comprehensive holiday insurance in place to protect themselves against cancellation charges. When a booking is cancelled Deal A Trip will administrate all the necessary paperwork including dealing with the customer and the insurance underwriters if there is to be an insurance claim.

  13. Can we leave everything to you? Absolutely Yes, we have owners that do absolutely nothing! Once a property has been uploaded and validated, all the information will be checked, published and displayed on our website. We will process each booking, collect payment and remit the net rental income when it is due for payment. This enables a busy owner to place their property on our website and leave everything to us (NB: we do not make a guarantee with regard to the number of bookings).

  14. Do we need to have our own booking conditions?  No, as our standard booking conditions will apply.

  15. Can we specific a set arrival day?  Not really as our programme is based on offering flexible Holiday Rentals.  There is an area on the Rental Rates page where this can be addressed for exceptions, say over very peak booking dates, when a set arrival date is desire by you.

  16. We have a suggestion? Any suggestions from property owners for possible improvements or enhancements to our operation are always welcome.