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Deal A Trip Holiday Rentals - Key Facts

These are just a few of the Key Benefits to YOU of booking an individual Holiday Rental property?

√ YOU select the property that suits as many of your personal preferences as possible - maybe even all of them.

√ YOU select the location that suits your requirements.

√ YOU will see the photographs of the property before you book.

√ YOU will read through the property specification to make sure it provides what you want.

√ YOU will have the comfort – especially when you are travelling en-route – of knowing where you will be staying.

√ YOU will have the address and telephone contact details of the property prior to departure (to pass on to friends and family or your office).

√ TALK to the property management agent ahead of time with any special arrangements you need.

√ PLAN your drive to the property in advance – no reason to get lost!

√ NO rushing into the property on arrival to get the best bedroom (and risk falling out with others in the process!).Plan in advance who is sleeping in which bedroom.

Our motto says it all:We making you feel at home – Holiday Rentals is what we do! You will be able to view a great selection of Holiday Rental self-catering accommodation in key resorts that will zero in on key rental locations that will provide you with a tremendous choice and value.

All locations in our programme offer ground service support representative agents to our customers, available 24/7 in the event of an unexpected issue or emergency. Full details including telephone numbers will be provided with accommodation vouchers.

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